Block Ten Strategy

Who We Are

Why We Exist

When we started this company, we had a mission. Thankfully, we knew how to translate that mission into objectives, key results, and strategies. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for all businesses and organizations, and that’s fine. That’s why we’re here on planet earth.

Block Ten Strategy lives and breathes because we’re on a mission to help business owners, c-level executives, and decision makers bring their mission and vision to life by giving them access to a think tank and executing team that will translate purpose into action.

Our Values

A passion and obsession for growth.

One half of the founders might have never finished college (guess who), but the team never stops learning. We love to consume knowledge like crazy, and it’s our clients who ultimately benefit.

A knack for exceeding client expectations.

We don’t like making promises and guarantees. But we do like exceeding targets once set. Our work never stops until we see that shimmer in your eyes that tells us that you never expected things could get this good for your business.

A deep desire to serve communities.

At the core, we believe what we do makes an impact in your life, your customers lives, and the people around them. The ripple effect brings resonance to us and we only want to keep making communities better.


The Founders


Chief of Strategy

Patrick is an consultant, author, and speaker with over fourteen years of experience in business, branding, design, and strategy. He is also the Chief People Officer of Team Positive Inc. and Marketing Manager of Vagabond Brands.


Chief of Operations

Ces is a social media consultant, branding expert, and project management guru who likes to execute on strategies. She is also the co-founder of Embrace the Epic.

Companies We've Worked With.

And several who we’re still working with until this day.​